Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi
What is it? how is it used?

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized ARM based processor, similar in size to the Arduino uno. The Raspberry Pi provides more processing power and is used primarily for graphical applications. Using Linux as the operating system the Raspberry Pi allows the user to adopt a trial and error method to programming and computing, as the cost for the card is low and the operating system is free. The Pi allows the user to break the system and fix it by either purchasing a new pi or for the less serious software faults reloading the system image. Raspberry Pi is a good introduction to bash commands and the Linux terminal giving the user greater control and understanding of how computers work. The possibilities for modification and control for the Pi is exciting as you can add things such as Bluetooth and WiFi making the internet of things accessible to the novice user. With these features the Pi can become an integral part of many mechanical, electrical and software projects. The Raspberry Pi often features in game console emulators, 3d printers and wireless systems the Pi is an invaluable tool for makers everywhere.
Raspberry Pi B+ (source)

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